David Wise



My Name is David Wise . I used to be an entrepreneur and I now work as a consultant . Sometimes I also do some freelancing teaching.


In 2013 I founded Newsly after having studied 5 years in a business school. Modern entrepreneurship (aka lean startup) was just starting. I learned many things : recruiting, managing a team, building a web product, marketing and user acquisition.

Because of a lack of traction the experience ends in september 2015. Then starts a very creative period : a brief step in a new media, entrepreneurship lectures in my old business school, building and designing websites, producing a MOOC about entrepreneurship.

In september 2016 I started working as a consultant at DXC to help companies transform their business into the digital age with software, such as Salesforce.


I started with my professionals experiences, but it doesn't say all about me. My two favorite verb are :

  • Discover
  • Transmit

As far as I can remember, education as always had a special place in my interests. I like to discover, understand, learn, transmit and repeat this infinite loop. I closely follow, and observe, how technologies are changing our daily lives. I am passionated about the History of Innovation. I believe it helps me better understand the world we live in with some perspective.

Elsewhere on the web

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Medium et Youtube. If, for reason I ignore, you would like to offer me a gift, here is a list of my (recent) wishes.

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