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My Name is David Wise . I used to be an entrepreneur and I now work as a consultant . Sometimes, I am also freelance.

In 2013 I founded Newsly after having studied 5 years in a business school. Modern entrepreneurship, aka "lean startup", was just starting. I learned many things : recruiting, managing a team, building a web product, marketing and user acquisition.

Because of a lack of traction the experience ends in september 2015. Then starts a a very creative period : a brief step in a new emerging media, entrepreneurship lectures in my old business school, building and designing websites . Finally I write a MOOC about entrepreneurship.

In september 2016 I started working in a consulting company. If you are interested in my profesionnal life you can have a look at my Linkedin profile.


I like to : Read, taking notes, doing screenshots, making lists, argue, learn, practicing sports, taking the bus, travel, write, send GIFS, politics, insert links a bit everywhere (as you may have noticed)

If I had to choose the verb that suits me the best I'd say : Transmit.

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